‘You’re as old as you feel’ is what my mother used to say

Do we actually know how we’re supposed to feel at any age?

Lifestyle plays a big part in this… I.e

are you active?

do you eat the right foods?

do you keep your brain active?

So many factors play a part in our ageing

Also most importantly I guess it’s about luck as well as to whether you inherit good genes..

How you see yourself as you get older is up to you…. there’s so much you can do without costing money…. there are now so many groups to join that have many interests to get involved in…….from your local place of prayer whatever your denomination is, or there are many U3A groups springing up in most areas that cater to almost everything you may want to learn to outings to theatres & walks to interesting places to creative writing etc & so much more.

You may want to get involved in charity organisations where help is always needed in various degrees. Nobody needs to be alone or bored… fact exercising your brain with learning anything new is a wonderful way to hopefully stave off dementia. Learn a new language, a card game such as bridge or if you want something more active, join a gym or take up pilates or yoga. You could get involved in debates about politics, or learn about psychology or if it suits there’s always sewing or knitting or even art classes.

We luckily live in an age where everything is possible.

Of course if you’re unwell or disabled this is all much harder but look up websites to see what you would be able to do.

Many Church groups or Women’s Institutes will have people to take you out so you can have days out & take part with other people

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