Some Observations on Respect for Elders!!

What do you think about some of those sayings?….

Older & Wiser ?

Well, some people get wiser with age, while others simply don’t seem to have learnt anything!, & I need to say they don’t set the example they’re supposed to for younger people…..

In my experience, you have to earn the respect we soooo seem to crave as we age. I’ve heard older people be so very rude & expect doors to be opened for them & seats given up for them on trains & buses, but you know what?  “A thank you” is a small word but speaks volumes!!! It’s not our right to be treated nicely! Respect should return respect!

Now I’m not saying all older people are like this as there are also many young people who are inherently rude to all ages & are not interested in ‘niceties,”. Indeed, I’ve opened doors for struggling young mothers with their double buggies, or stopped to let a “young boy racer” through the road constriction barriers without getting any acknowledgement from them at all!!, as I say a polite nod as a thank you goes a long way.

Answer a teacher or a policeman back? never!!! You knew you’d be in big trouble with your parents….that’s a funny thing, teachers & policeman used to look old to us all!!! Now they all look so young!!!  Part of the course for ageing I guess!!!