Exercise – Walking

I like to walk most days. It is by far the best exercise you can do.

It’s the easiest cardio to help burn calories & strengthen muscles.

Also something that’s not that well known is it lessens the risk of diabetes/heart attack & stroke.

The best thing about walking is the ‘feel good factor’ , no matter what the weather.

A brisk walk is better then any antidepressant – as walking releases those feel good endorphins which help defeat stress & anxiety. Vitamin D is absorbed when walking which in turn strengthens your immune system & bone health.

The good thing about walking is it’s free!

Many people don’t notice what’s around them, well you certainly notice everything when you walk – it is the only way to be aware of your surroundings – either walking near your home or, for a change a little drive out – park & walking around somewhere new is always a good experience .

You’ll come back feeling totally energised!